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The Full Story

How it works and WHY!


Condensation Busters!

Sausage Fingers help you care for your instruments while they are safely packed away in your case.

By drawing unwanted water and condensation from the atmosphere of your case, this will help avoid water damage and prolong the life span of your instrument and all of its working parts.

Shuv it in your!

Prolongs fret life

prolongs Valve performance

Preventing rust

Keeping wood dry

Keeping your case fresh

Removing unseen moisture from woodwind instruments.

All while not effect your regular care products.



In 1992 our lead vocalist started to bring his keyboard into rehearsals and asked the two guitarists to play small parts of our songs in different ways. He used his keyboard to play the lead parts but was not very good at playing keyboard.s.

He became known as Sausage Fingers. After this, if any guitarist made a mistake on stage, everyone would should sausage fingers.

Ever since our first band played live gigs, we would collect silicon pouches from our footwear and keep them in our guitar cases to eat up condensation that was created from playing in hot venues and then putting our instruments into cases in cold vans. Silicon pouches worked well but Sausages are Cool!

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